Show your gratitude to your woman biz squad.
The perfect gifting experience.

You have your biz squad, the women who have supported you and your business through thick and thin.
And you want to show them how much you appreciate them and send them some love.

Show your gratitude and appreciation to your clients, team members, or mentors by sending them a gift box specifically curated for them. Luxurious, thoughtful, and handpicked gifts for women in business.

Design Your Own

Custom Gifting

How It Works

Choose an occasion

Decide from a range of items

Send your box with love

Why Sherbet Creations?

At Sherbet Creations we are all about the perfect gifting experience for you and the beautiful biz babe receiving it.
You can either select to build your own box from our beautiful range of products, or we can handpick
the right items for you, whilst instilling your brand into the gift and packaging.

– Items sourced from women led businesses, just like yours

– Your values and requirements will match those in the gift

– Customisable and custom-made products available

– Curated items with your beautiful, kind-hearted women in mind

Sustainable Packaging

Supporting Local Businesses

Championing women led businesses

Hi, I’m Teresa!

I have had an entrepreneurial streak since I was a young girl, dreaming up all sorts of different businesses and having the confidence to do anything I wanted. So, when I had a dream of being able to help women in business show their gratitude and celebrate those around them, I knew I had to create something that was really meaningful.

I have been around women in businesses my whole life. They seem to have it all together, running businesses, households, raising kids. The long hours even after the kids have gone to bed, working through their cycles, illnesses and still showing up with a smile. These women are inspirational. And I have curated each product specifically to show gratitude and love to these women that do it all.

What My Clients Say…

Tracy Harris, Tracy Harris Co
Sydney NSW

Working with Teresa has given me back so much time, time spent researching, shopping around, packaging gifts, delivering gifts. This task has now been taken off my hands by Teresa, who has so many incredible contacts and is far more efficient than I could ever be. She’s given me time back and I am forever grateful.

Rachel Reiter, Hopscotch Branding Studio Adelaide SA

You’ve made my life so much easier – I no longer have to go and physically purchase gifts and organise postage. I love that you actually care about making the gifts meaningful, aligning not only with the intention of the gift but also the brand message. I love the beautiful reactions of my clients who have received their gift. It’s really special.


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In Person & Virtual Retreat Gifts

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