Hi, I’m Teresa!

Owner and founder of Sherbet Creations.
I’m a business owner, wife and mum, and one that’s super passionate
about showing gratitude to other women in business.

Young Entrepreneurial Me

Growing up, I had the pleasure of having entrepreneurs in the family. We were a family of business owners and we were proud of it.

I was pretty entrepreneurial myself, I had big plans to open an Italian restaurant. I used to draw plans of how I’d lay it all out, even worked on menus (in Italian & English). When I was nine, I decided I was going to open a massage business because my family told me I was good at massages and my parents had a table. I had come up with a name and even designed flyers.

Gift Giving Teresa

Coming from a big family, and marrying into another big family, came a lot of celebrations. They came in seasons, it was the 21st birthdays, then the engagements, the weddings, and finally the babies!

I definitely got accustomed to buying a lot of gifts. But again in true Teresa fashion, I didn’t often go for gift cards or generic gifts. I would find personalised pieces and put a lot of thought into them.

I soon became the person that people would turn to for gift ideas so I thought it would be great to help even more people. After some evolution, I knew that helping and connecting with women in business was what really lit me up. I consider myself a gifting matchmaker when I combine different products from women across the country and I just love seeing recipients opening up their gifts on Instagram.

The Sherbet Creations Idea

In my husband’s business, we introduced gift-giving for his clients at the end of the year. However, we found a lot of gifts were very corporate, with no personalisation or changes allowed. So, I got to work and created unique gifts for his clients, and things went from there.

This gave me the idea to combine my entrepreneurial and gift-giving superpowers and my love of women in business. I started creating custom gifts, working 1:1 with other boss ladies and getting to know them and their brand. My brain instantly would be filling up with ideas, I would do a happy dance and start ordering more products.

I also knew that not everybody has a large event or needs to buy larger volumes, so I work around the needs of my clients. I am all about personalisation and flexibility.

Women in Business

There are many women supporting other women out there and without them our businesses wouldn’t be running. I know mine wouldn’t. I have mentors, a VA, clients, suppliers, and even a community of women who I can reach out to at any time.

These women are super important because having your own business can be isolating at times, but it can also be an exhilarating journey. And I knew I needed to create something that would suit those small steps and wins that also deserve to be celebrated.

Being passionate about empowering women in life and business, Sherbet Creations was my way to shine a light on all women and support their businesses. Now you know a more about me, feel free to browse me services and my curated range.