From a very young age, I was in love with antipasto. What’s not to love honestly? There are so many different versions across many cuisines but today I will be sharing with you my favourite staples that make an appearance at every one of my family gatherings especially at Christmas. If you’d like to read what else makes the cut on our Christmas menu – I will be writing a post on that soon!

My love for antipasto began when I was a youngster and to be honest, I can’t even remember not liking it. My dad used to have a butcher shop, which then expanded into a delicatessen and even had a small grocery line. So I would always find myself snacking on prosciutto and the different kinds of salami when I would visit.

I had my little spot on a high-ish ladder in a corner amongst the pasta where I would sit as a young kid eating a panino (bread roll) with freshly sliced smallgoods (deli meats). Some of which my Dad made from scratch.

At every festive gathering, it would be on my mum’s list to bring an antipasto platter. Of course, having the butcher and deli we had the cream of the crop and mum had all the power of selecting what yummy goodness we would be eating, except we would ALWAYS have the same selection as she knew everyone liked all or at least some of what was on the platter. From a small family of 17 to almost double 33 – this selection still makes a regular appearance all these years later and just gets larger in size.

Wanna know what makes the cut?
– Prosciutto
– Double Smoked Ham
– Mild Salami
– Provolone Dolce Cheese
– 2 types of olives – usually what we call ‘green cracked’ olives and then mixed Sicilian olives #EvenThoughWeAreCalabrese

I’ve put a little 2 person one together that Domenic and I can enjoy together with a glass of red which is sooooo much smaller than the 1 or sometimes 2 platters we would share as a family. Francesco isn’t really a fan of any of this yet except for the cheese but it NEEDS to be cut a certain way. #Toddlers #BloopersComingSoon

I’d love to see you recreating our fave family antipasto platter and tagging #sherbetcreations on your social pages.

Please let me know what is on your ultimate antipasto platter.

Until next time,