The Magic of gifting in business – Why your business needs a gift strategy

Gifting in business has to be one of the most overlooked strategies that businesses use to grow. Most businesses think of it as an extra. It happens when there is ‘enough’ coming in and often times it never makes it from the bottom of the to-do list. There is a better way. As a Gift Strategist, I am ALLL about gifting in business. And, I believe that it is one of the best methods that a business can use to create an unforgettable experience around your business. Let’s talk about why gifting should not be an extra – but something that you use intentionally within your business. 

How to make your business magnetic?!

Take a moment to think – when was the last time a business put a MAJOR smile on your face? Think back to that moment. What did they do to make you feel really special?

Perhaps they sent you a birthday card, included a treat in your order, congratulated you for a milestone – or maybe they sent you a gift that just made you feel like you were worth a million bucks.

Think about how special that interaction felt, how drawn you are to that business and how keen you are to recommend them.

THAT is the power of gifting. That is what happens when you choose to consciously celebrate those you work with. Most businesses do not realise how many opportunities they have within their business to use gifting. The opportunities are there! And you do not have to start big or give 100’s of gifts to start with. Instead – start small, build it in, and plan ahead. 

Who can you gift to in your business?

Honestly – the list is basically endless. But your goal here is to think intentionally about how to optimise a gift strategy for brand experience and create not only lifelong customers but strong relationships within your team and service providers. 

Here are some examples

  • Podcast or blog guest thank you
  • Affiliate thank you 
  • High spenders or a frequent shopper in your ecom store 
  • New stockists of your products
  • New members or long term in your membership 
  • Virtual event or in-person event attendees
  • Event Guest speakers/panellists thank you
  • Business birthdays
  • launch congratulations
  • New retainer clients 
  • Thank you end of project gifts
  • Your accountant, photographer or lawyer
  • Team Christmas or birthday gifts
  • Challenge participants or an event winner
  • Mentor or trusted support person
  • Nanny, cleaner or gardener that helps you use your hours better

Even with just a few moving parts in your business, there are still countless opportunities to show your gratitude for those who play a part in your business coming to life!

Sherbet Creations - Gift Strategist

Putting a plan in place. 

If you can see the value of gifting in your business and you are eager to create an unforgettable experience around your brand then it is time to put a plan in place! 

Start small! 

Gifts don’t have to be expensive! A postcard will only cost a few dollars – less if you have the bulk printed with your branding. Start putting away a small amount of your sales and retainers. 5% is a good goal, but even starting with just 1-3% gives you something to play with. Going forward build the cost of gifts into your prices. 

Choose one area of your business that you want to work on first. 

Maybe you want to work on the client experience when you take on a new retainer client or gain a new member. Start with simply thanking new members. Or maybe your goal is to grow your wholesale section of your business – start with thanking your stockists. 

Get started with Gifting

Gifting in business is one way to make your brand magnetic. When done with purpose gifting leaves your clients and team feeling valued and appreciated. It creates word of mouth and repeat business. And it creates unity within your team. Start small, make a plan, build it in and start gifting intentionally. 

At Sherbet Creations I am so passionate about supporting you in your gift strategy that I have purpose-built a gift shop just for you. It is filled with hand-selected items perfect for the incredible women involved in your business. Each gift has been chosen from Australian businesses and tested by myself. Each one is perfect to help support, inspire or nurture. Choose a selection to have on hand ready for your gifting needs – or build a gift box selection and let me take care of the wrapping and post. The choice is yours! I am a firm believer that gifting in business is not only valuable but should also be simple too! For more on gifting strategy make sure to follow us on social media! And to see my delectable range of gifts head over here and browse the collection.