Hello!! And Happy November! Can you believe November 2018 is here?! As you may have seen, we have launched our 2018 Christmas Range. Woo hoo! I wanted to take the time the formally introduce my range for those who prefer to do some light reading – I will separate the range over two (2) posts so keep an eye out for part two! If you are a visual person – I did do a chatty series of Instagram stories and lives going through all the packages.

So, why a Christmas range you may ask? I do love my monochrome bliss that you see in our Signature Range, but I did want to add some special pizzazz and extra LUXE to this range. So I created a range based around some luxe and classic materials that I love; copper, marble and linen.

To have a look at this range, whilst I now go through each one please click here.

                         Photo by @hipster_mum

So the first gift box in the range that I curated was the Copper Bauble gift box and the star of the show for me is these beautiful 100% copper glasses. I met Lucy – the boss babe behind Cellar V at a business retreat (Shoutout to the lovely Sarah Cross who hosted)  on the Gold Coast and I am so glad that I went (I was hesitating, then booked, then hesitated again). I am a very spiritual person and I was immediately drawn to the copper stemless wine glasses that she presented, so that is pretty much my reasoning behind these (haha!). Not only did they look luxurious, but the quality was there to match – of course being 100% copper. Can you get any better than that?

So with these beautiful stemless wine glasses, to me the next obvious thing to go alongside is some bubbles! I have chosen a mini bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut at 200ml. This is the perfect size to get 2 glasses of bubbles to celebrate the occasion.

The final piece to the Copper Bauble gift box is a set of 2 100% Carrara marble octagonal coasters from Behr & Co. These coasters not only look luxurious but they feel it as well! You can definitely see and feel the high quality of the marble when you receive your gift box.

The next gift box in the range is the Festive Lights gift box. The inspiration behind curating this box is thinking of what items I use personally when I entertain. The first item that came to mind that I use quite often during the Christmas period is a serving board. The reason that I do love a good serving board during the Christmas period is very versatile as with a high quality board you can almost serve anything on the. For me personally, it is an Italian Classic Antipasto platter that is my usual go to when entertaining guests, which I actually have a recipe blog post for you here if you would like to have a read.

I have chosen these beautiful marble and acacia wood serving boards which are apart of Frame This’ new range. The warmth that the wood brings and the classiness of the marble, I thought was a perfect match. To carry on with the marble theme of this serving board, I then chose to pair it with a set of 4 100% Carrara marble octagonal coasters by Behr & Co. These coasters can not only be used in conjunction with the serving board but also on their own as they are so classic in material and have a modern design touch. The last item that I have placed into this gift box is a simple black candle with the custom scent Frankincense & Myrrh. I knew I wanted a candle in the 2018 Christmas Range and during the last 9 months, I have been delving right into the world of Essential Oils and their benefits. How this relates to the Christmas range you may ask? Well I really wanted to incorporate a candle that blended the two so I chose this fragrance from Ignite N Co.

I have chosen a different packaging route with this years Christmas range and have gone with a black magnetic closure box, with matte black tissue paper and shredded paper. There are also three (3) options for the ribbon finishing which I want to share a bit about here. The first option is the Christmas belli band with black ribbon. I chose this belli band with metallic copper acorns and metallic silver sprigs of pine because I loved the colours and the subtle Christmas elements. The double sided sating black ribbon ties in the luxury from the matte black box, tissue paper and shread and pulls it all together. This option is perfect for those who want to use this as a christmas gift as it adds a beautiful and luxurious festive touch.

The next option is the Copper belli band with a black ribbon. The metallic sheen on the copper belli band is extremely classy and is very complimentary to the copper products featured in the boxed and also is a luxurious addition to corporate gifts or gifts that are being purchased for another occasion that’s not Christmas such as a wedding, birthday or thank you gift.


I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit of insight to the first two products that I have curated for the 2018 Christmas range and I would love you to comment below which item is your favourite. If you cannot wait to read what the other products are in the range, here is the link again where you can view the whole range but please stay tuned for another post going into The Nutcracker and Silver Bells gift boxes.

Until next time,