Hello hello! I am very excited about this new series on my blog that I will be introducing where I interview inspiring people in my life as well as supplier features so you can get to know the ladies behind the products in our Sherbet Creations gift boxes.
The first lady that I have had the pleasure of chatting to is Jazze Jervis from The Calm Compound. I started following Jazze a little over a year ago on Instagram to try something different to help me with my mental health. Let’s just say it has definitely been a contributing factor for me getting my mental health back to where I wanted it to be.
Jazze has introduced the world of dōTERRA to me and it has made a major improvement not only to my own life but for my family as well. Jazze also has pre-made products on her website that you can purchase, my absolute fave is her sleep mist ‘Sweet Dreams Bed Spray’  and I have recently signed up to her new venture, The Calm Society. You can find all more information and links on where to follow Jazze below.
I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment for either myself or Jazze!
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started using essential oils and living a more holistic life? 
I was introduced to dōTERRA through Sarah-Jade Graham (Essential Oil Mumma) when I saw her tagged on a post on Instagram. The person who had tagged her was referring to some oils they were using with their kids who hadn’t been feeling themselves. I had been off work for three days because my daughter was unwell, my husband was in another country playing basketball, and it was a pretty tough time. I had never been exposed to holistic medicine as a child (you get sick, you go to the doctor) and I was pretty skeptical to be honest. If I hadn’t been at rock bottom, I’m not sure I would have been inviting dōTERRA into our home. Call it divine timing.
I started to realise pretty quickly that essential oils were only a gateway and that I’d soon be overhauling my life in more ways than one! I love making healthy choices. It’s just not a health thing, but I really do get so much satisfaction in feeling empowered and knowing that I am doing the right thing not only for myself, but for my husband and daughter.

Which brand of oils do you use and why? 
I use dōTERRA  essential oils and I would never use anything else. dōTERRA works to improve the lives of those living in the communities where they source the essential oils. A lot of the oils are sourced in developing countries because this is where the oil thrives best in its organic state. dōTERRA ensures that these communities receive fair and timely payments for their work so that these farmers can support their family and continue to source these amazing oils! For example, rather than laying down lavender farms all over Utah – dōTERRA’s home state – dōTERRA sources lavender from the high alps of France and Bulgaria. Tea Tree and Eucalyptus are from right here, in Australia, and New Zealand gives us the amazing Manuka (so good for your skin!) and Douglas Fir.
What are your top 3 ways to implement essential oils into your daily life?
I love implementing them into things I’m already doing. E.g. I always use a few drops on the shower floor (invigorating oils in the morning, calming oils at night) and use a few drops with my fractionated coconut oil or unscented moisturiser on my skin morning and night. See later, perfume! I love diffusing because it enables you to make a conscious decision of how you’re feeling and what you need in the diffuser. Lastly, who doesn’t love a sexy time massage with essential oils.  ???

What advice do you have for any newbies wanting to start using essential oils?
Get your oils through someone who is actually making a career out of educating about them. Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds. Kinda complex, right?! You need someone who can provide resources, answer your questions, and get you using them to the best of their ability! Start with your number 1 priority. Are you struggling with sleep? Make a sleep blend and don’t move onto anything else until you make that habitual!
What are your favourite things about Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint essential oils?
Their versatility and cost- effectiveness! Lemon is just 5c a drop and can practically clean your entire house! Not only that, it is great for focus and in my water, too. How versatile?! One of my all time fave diffuser blends is Lavender & Lemon – perfect for your “goodnight kitchen” blend or for throughout the day. Peppermint is so uplifting and invigorating and it reminds me of hubby because he always puts it on before exercise 🙂

What are the benefits of using a diffuser in your home and what is your fave current blend to use?
Aromatic use (aka smelling) is THE MOST POWERFUL way to effect your emotions. This is because it can facilitate a rapid emotional response in the brain and the body to facilitate such a release. The chemical impact of our emotions is the real chooser of moods. That’s why we reach for certain foods, sugar, coffee etc. But what if we could use this knowledge to choose the mood we want to feel and then actually feel it – without harmful substances? With essential oils and especially diffusing, we have the ability to direct our own emotional traffic! My fave blend at the moment is Clary Safe, Green Mandarin and Citrus Bliss – a great work blend! 
As a business owner, how can we implement essential oils during our work day?
I generally work to the following schedule: 25 minutes of work (with timer) and 5 minute break, and then a 15 minute break every hour. I use those 5 minute breaks to get a glass of water and apply a blend. Which blend I apply depends on how I’m feeling, but I’ll usually use something like ‘InTune’ or the Kids ‘Thinker’ blend. It’s a great way to refocus and tell your brain that your reinvigorated after you’re break and ready to go!

I use essential oils on the daily, what are some other things that you recommend introducing into our lives to live more holistically?
I am really passionate about implementing healthy daily habits to serve you long term. Every day I practice gratitude and journaling, and I have created micro-moments throughout the day. Micro-moments can be as small as a reminder on your phone to smile, or to text your husband that you love him. It can also be little stations in your house where you spend ‘waiting’ time – e.g. at the kettle or the washing machine – with little post it notes or beautiful images. It makes a big difference to your day!
Here are some rapid fire questions that have been submitted on Instagram!
What is a great way to protect yourself and family during the winter months?
BE CONSISTENT!Yes – use your essential oils consistently, but do other things consistently, too. Eat healthy and try and add some medicinal mushrooms and tonics to your food (I like Superfeast). Use as much On Guard as possible (not just diffusing, but use the laundry detergent and the hand wash too).
How do you know what to use when and how often?
Essential oils are actually far more effective when used in small amounts more consistently during the day. I rely on my Essential Life Book, Emotions & Essential Oils book and my own experience to decide what to use, and I’ll usually use a blend every hour or so.
Which kit do you recommend for a newbie with a young family?
Home Essentials Kit! As you would have seen above, diffusing and using essential oils aromatically is so important for our emotional health. It is also come with the Top 10 Oils which has an oil for EVERY.SINGLE.BODY system. It’s a great place to start and our Top 10 oils still sit separately in our house (and we have every bloody oil!). You can read more here.

Where can we find you to follow you and find out more?
I spend most of my time over on Instagram, I’m also on Facebook and on my website. You can download my FREE eBook for all things surviving your period here.
I hope you enjoyed learning more about Jazze and how she lives her holistic lifestyle. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or would like to learn even MORE.
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