Hi Everyone!

I’m so proud and happy to introduce you to my newest creations in the Limited Edition Range!

They are fabulous and unique… literally unique, as I won’t be restocking them and also because they in slightly different packaging to what I usually have; a sleek matte black box with our elegant double satin black ribbon.

So if you want to surprise someone with a special gift or a thank you gift, the gifts in the Limited Edition Range would be a perfect option.

:et’s begin with a package with a delicious title – Cut to the cheese.

Inside you are going to find a hand painted cotton/linen blend Coffee Towel (similar to a tea towel but with a cooler name!), also a slate serving board with an amazing texture, so you can serve absolutely anything on this board and it will look amazing. However, one of the options could be a cheese, so I’ve put a single gold Maxwell Williams cheese knife which closes this dynamic trio.

I like to turn my day to day tasks into something special. How do I do that? Well, you can find the answer inside The Home Luxury!

I’m sure that this box could brighten anyone’s cleaning routine! So I put this cute helper set the ‘Mini Home Care Trio’ which has a bench spray, a hand wash and a floor wash with amazing scents. Also a beautiful pair of monochrome sponges makes doing the dishes a bit spesh, let’s face it who has the yellow & green sponges in their kitchen? #TotallyGuilty!

Complimenting these items is the ‘Sweet Citrus Mojito’ scented dishwashing liquid and let me tell you if only you could smell this product through your screen! Lastly our ‘Lavender Hand Cream’ so your hands won’t feel like they’ve done any cleaning at all!

I’ve created The Simple Things gift which is also to convert those simple tasks into something more special.

For example, doing your laundry with the ‘Laundry Care Trio’ which has a laundry wash, delicate wash and a glass spray with all of them having different and alluring scents. Then we have a set of 3 white sponges – which totally comes in handy in every household.

Lastly I added a ‘Peppermint & Rosemary’ soap bar and a ‘Wild Rose Hand Cream, so you can treat yourself with a mini spa session at home!

These gifts as you can see could be a perfect birthday or housewarming gift but as you know Christmas isn’t that far away, so these gift boxes can save you from your ‘search for a perfect gift’ quest!

I hope you like these special one off editions!

Until next time,