Ola Digital – End of Year Thank You Gifts

Proposal For: Yiota Athousis

Date of quote: 10th December 2021
This proposal is valid for: 30 days from quote date.


Hi there! I am Teresa, your Custom Gift Strategist. I am very passionate about supporting small business and creating gorgeous gifts to show gratitude to your clients. 


Thank you for considering me for your project!


Please read through this proposal and you can select the package you would like and simply add to cart, or you can select your items through the Custom Box Builder should you want to mix and match the items that are presented. 




Make Your Selection

Select the item you wish to gift for this project via the pre-curated gifts or the custom box builder. Make sure you add the correct quantity to your cart. Don’t worry about recipient details at this stage. Please be aware that a minimum of 10 boxes are required for each design.



Once your order comes through, I will prepare and send through the letter of engagement and recipient detail list. These both need to be completed on your end to move the project to the next step.



Once Step 1 and 2 are completed, I will begin assembling your gifts and getting them ready for shipping. Once the shipping deadline approaches, they will be on their way!

Teresa dives deep into getting to know your brand and how you want your clients to feel when they receive the gift. She is able to customise the gift experience in just the right way.
Rachel, Hopscotch Branding Studio

As no two businesses are the same, Teresa is able to source unique and brand related products so each gift is more personalised.
Marianne, Previous Owner Bare + Free

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