Design Your Own gift allows you to select what you’d like in the box and the rest is done by me. You can select from a beautiful range of products to create a gorgeous gifting experience. This option is great:

  • for a small number of gifts (up to 10)

  • for quicker turnaround (3 business days handling + postage)

  • if you want to select what’s in the gift yourself.

Throughout your business journey you are blessed with milestones (big and small). On that milestone journey, biz babes have helped you reach that goal and you want to show your gratitude.


The Nurture Her is a calming gift experience to thank those women who have supported you. It will encourage them to take some time out for themselves. The items curated for this range will help pamper and nourish them inside and out.


If both the Boss Babe and Nurture Her range sound great, and you want to pick from both ranges to show your love to that special biz babe, that’s totally cool too.



If you don’t have the time to do it yourself and want me to create some unique, custom gift experiences that are on point for your business, please check out the Custom Gifting page.