The Alice


This gift box is honouring the beautiful Alice from @aliceinhealthyland. We came together to create this box focusing on low tox natural living being a new mama.
Alice handmade the ‘Calm Me Mama’ essential oil blend herself with love.

As women in business, we can understand the new realm of being a new mama, so Alice and I wanted to create something that you could gift to your business bestie to celebrate their new bundle of joy.


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The Alice Contains:

  • Luxe lactation cookies that not only help your milk supply but also taste absolutely delicious. You have the choice to choose between Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate & Macadamia flavours
  • Handmade Essential Oil Blend for a “Calm Me Mama” moment. This blend is very grounding and comforting as a new mama embarks on this new journey.
  • Herbal Tea, chamomile, calming lemon balm & gentle peppermint unite to make this night time infusion.
  • A beautiful pink clay mask that is good for soothing and hydrating your skin. The mask comes in a powder form, which means once you open it up for the first application it can store for as long as you need it to before the next application.

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