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As women we are self-sacrificing and almost always put ourselves last. Which isn’t healthy, especially during all of the restrictions that Covid has brought to our doors. Your family, friends and clients long to feel like themselves again! They are desperate for encouragement and a little bit of love. Which is why I created the Joanna gift box. Now you can send that extra touch of love and kindness to them with this spa in a box!

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The Joanna contains:

  • A delicious lip kit that includes both a rich, moisturizing lip balm (perfect for hot or cold weather as both are hard in our lips) and a gentle lip scrub. Between the two your lips will be ready for lipstick and the end of lockdown (or just a good selfie!)!
  • A botanical bath soak! Each of the three relaxing and rejuvenating options of bath soaks that you can pick is made up of a different combination of dried botanicals, quartz crystals, and therapeutic salts. The Self-Love soak is made up of a blend of invigorating and purifying Himalayan salt, rose quartz (which is know for its ability to increase love, compassion, and self love), dried hibiscus flowers, and dried grapefruit (known for its invigorating properties.
    The Grounded soak contains a blend of purifying Dead Sea salt, smokey quartz (which is good for helping you relax and reconnect with nature and the things around you), and dried eucalyptus and lemon myrtle leaves as well as eucalyptus and lemon myrtle and peppermint oils to cresting a grounding and uplifting experience.
    The Bathe soak consists of a mixture of Dead Sea salt, clear quartz (knowing for amplifying your energy and protecting against negativity), dried coconut flakes and milk, and dried lime (which gives this soak a very fresh and cleansing feel).
  • Both a satin scrunchy and a satin head wrap. Because sometimes we just need our hair out of our eyes (and out of the bath)! (Satin is perfect for all hair types, protecting curls from frizz and straight hair from breakage.)

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