This post was written by the beautiful Petria who is the founder of Coco Rose Interiors.  Coco Rose Interiors is inspired by a life once lived in Bali, Indonesia. Petria wanted to combine her passion for interior furniture and decor with her love for the relaxed tropical island lifestyle that she lived in Bali. They present a luxe range of high quality, handmade bohemian style furniture for their customers. They aim to inspire a more natural and minimalistic way for people to design their homes and live their lives. Please feel free to click on any of the pics below as they will take you straight to the Coco Rose website! 

From eclectic, to Scandinavian to vintage, Interior design trends have seen a gradual retrace in styles with intense popularity. Why is this so? The appeal of timeless handcrafted pieces is fuelling the desire for people to go back to basics. The price appeal of laminated flatpack furniture has seen great popularity in the past.

However consumer-conscious customers are now wanting pieces that that they won’t have to throw away in 5 years time. They want to have those pieces of furniture that are authentic, personable, timeless and that have been created by some ones own hands with love and care.

So what trends should you be following coming into Spring?

An emerging simplistic style, ironically drawing lots of attention in design circles, are rooms executing the Bohemian look and feel. It allows for an individualistic, imperfect approach to traditional interior design. Thus giving the stylist a creative license to create a truly unique room.

The bohemian look creates a tranquil place in the home for a natural minimalistic feel, yet gives a seemingly endless variation for placement of textures and unstructured pieces in the room. Imagine the freedom to blend raw woods, earthy brass metals, organic cotton ropes and linen fabrics and accent with lush tropical greens. Once mixed in the same room, the end result becomes a truly individual style with pieces that will endure as sentiments passed through generations in the home.

Another trend within the bohemian trend we are beginning to see is the use of indoor plants – Or as i like to call it ‘living decor.’ The introduction of plants to a bohemian room rounds off the style with perfect taste and drives home the natural minimalistic vibe we are trying to achieve.

The best thing about it is that anyone can do it!  Most indoor plants just need to be put in their happy space, add a little water and voila! You have an inexpensive way to decorate your space and clear the air of toxins at the same time. Hang from the ceiling or place on shelves to give height or simply in corners to revive a dull area of the room. Wherever it may be they will create a calming focus and make the room pop whilst still maintaining the subtly the bohemian design requires. 

“Choosing boho, means choosing a style that brings the outside in”

To create a space that calms the soul and pleases the eye in its most simplistic form. It uses robust natural materials that will last generations, yet create furniture pieces and decor as delicate as nature itself. Quite simply, its simply perfect.