Why hello and welcome to my first blog. Eeek! I thought it would the perfect opportunity to introduce myself and give a bit of background of how Sherbet Creations came about.

I’m not sure about you, but I love learning more about the face behind the businesses that I purchase from. I understand what it is like as a small business owner to do a little happy dance when someone makes a purchase so to get to know the brand and the business owner – I’m all about that life.

Sure there are big brands out there with the CEO, General Managers and Department Managers and they have interviews available or even better social media accounts so we can get an insight to their lives but today’s blog isn’t about them, it will be about me and my business.

Who am I?

Howdy! I’m Teresa, I am married to hubby Domenic (for almost 6 years!) and mummy to my cheeky little boy Francesco who will be 3 in October (2018). Prior to when I was given the title “Mummy”, I was in the real estate game myself on and off since leaving school. My last job which I truly loved was working as an Assistant Property Manager for McGrath Estate Agents and managing a portfolio of approx. 300 properties.

My Story….. so far!

I then left my job when I came to realise I was pregnant, nobody knew at that time except for of course our intimate family but as those in the real estate game know and dare I say especially in Property Management, it can be a demanding job. I decided that leaving for the moment to focus on my growing family and it was a great decision, I was very lucky enough to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy (for the most part).

Once Francesco was born I had my next realisation. I was always working in a demanding, high pressure job and to all the mums out there, please don’t get me wrong, here I am just at home, focusing on my little one which was great. I had no pressure that my maternity leave would be coming to an end or any of that. But I knew I had to get back to work. I am just wired that way. So I went back to real estate, contacted a past colleague that is now a Manager at a new branch and say this; “Hey, is there anything I can do at your new office that is part time” and he said yes!

Back in Real Estate

There I was back working for McGrath Estate Agents – lucky I kept my name badge! The only daunting part was the new role was a lead generation role. This scared me. Big time! It comes as a surprise to most people but I feel sooooo socially awkward when meeting and talking to new people. So imagine how I felt when I had to ring past or potential clients to just “check in” and “see how they were” whilst ultimately praying they would say they were interested in selling. Long story short, well actually it’s just a short story as I was only there for  4 months –ish. I wasn’t enjoying the role, I wasn’t very good at it, so I let my colleague know that I didn’t think I was cut out for it. He agreed, but we are still mates and I am so thankful for his opportunity and understanding and I decided to move on.

So there I was thinking, ooh what should I do now? I was working with hubby part time – verrryyy part time doing the accounting paperwork for his business (ahem Design Concepts Sydney – follow on Facebook and Instagram – shameless plug!) but that just didn’t fulfil me as much as I wanted it to. This was in 2016.

Hello 2017!

My thoughts were yes, I’m going to smash it this year. This is my year! How many times have you thought that before? So this is what happened this year for me. Sherbet Creations was born. Dah Dahh Dahhhh (royal trumpet noises) but not in the way you might expect. My then business partner and I created Sherbet Creations as a children’s subscription box business in mid 2017. It was a collaborative idea and we really thought it had some potential. At the time, my business partner was a previous Early Childhood Teacher and used her educational experience to teach young kids through craft activities in our box. Ultimately she went back to childcare full time and I took the business over. Even though I was a mumma to a 2 year old by this point and trust me, I love crafting with him and teaching him new things. Yet again it wasn’t my forte or passion, I knew I had the potential to create something that was ALL me and something that I could give back to the world.

Sherbet Creations 2.0

In December 2017, I changed the direction of Sherbet Creations back to my familiar ground. I worked on myself quite a bit during this time as well and here we go again, another realisation or an epiphany really at this point. For those who know me personally, you know I LOVE gifting. I love Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. Forget Birthdays and Christmas, I am all over them months in advance – honestly, I am going to start getting serious about our Christmas gifts for this year in August – that’s how excited I am about it! In 2015, when I was pregnant, Francesco was due to arrive mid October and being a first time mum I had no clue what I was in for so I wanted to be prepared by mid September all my Christmas shopping had to be done so I could focus on the baby. Guess what, it was all done (and majority of it even wrapped) and I went into hospital the first time with contractions the 15thof September.

Giving back

Another thing that you will more than likely know if you know me personally is that I love to give back. Throughout the years, I have held fundraisers, participated in multiple City to Surf’s whilst raising money and I thought with my new business I had to do something to give back – with Sherbet Creations 1.0 (this is my nickname for the first time round) we donated $1 per box to The Bear Cottage, which is an initiative of Westmead Children’s Hospital in Manly NSW. So I knew this was something I had to continue once I figured out what I was going to do next.

Ok back to the epiphany! So I am thinking ok, what can I do that is my thing, well I still love the property industry, no doubt about that and I love gifting so my new brand identity was born; custom corporate gifts. I am so excited and inspired on the daily with my new biz and I love being a part of a new homeowner’s journey when they move into their own home. I also donate a portion of the profit from each sale to a local organisation; Turning Point in Camden NSW. Turning Point gives back to the local community, has an open pantry for those to come and help themselves when they are in need plus host different activities and classes that bring the community together. I will be doing another post with some more information on this amazing organisation and what they do for our community.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to hear more about me or what I do and you can always follow along on all the socials, I am on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I would love for you to pop by and say hello!

Until next time,